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The Best 2023 Black Friday Sales & Deals on Natural Products

I’ve never understood it… the idea of running out early on holiday celebrations with family to go shopping for Black Friday sale gifts for those same people! No judgment from me if that’s your thing, but this year, why not have the turkey and eat it too? (Literally and figuratively).

I’m doing my early shopping from the comfort of home on Black Friday (likely while still wearing PJs). And Cyber Monday (which I’ll update on Monday morning) thanks to some companies I love. Most of these are from family-owned companies and they’re offering great online discounts this weekend.

Not only can you get some shopping done early, but you can support some great small businesses too!

My Favorite Black Friday Deals on Natural Products

Need more ideas for everyone on your list (and, ahem, a thing or two for you)? You can see my gift idea post for himher, and the kids.

Caraway Pans and Cookware

I have the full cookware set from Caraway as well as some of their bakeware. Their non-toxic pots and pans are made with earth-friendly ceramic and are free of harmful chemicals. I love that they have some really fun colors to match the kitchen.

Their stackable set includes a frying pan, saucepan, Dutch oven, and sauté pan, plus organization tools like a pan rack and a lid holder. It makes it so much easier than trying to stack up random cookware that doesn’t fit together! You can even find safe baking racks, teapots, kitchen towels, food storage containers, and more.  

Get the Deal: Until December 31 get up to 20% off here. $85 — 10% off, $425 –15% off, $525 — 20% off. Plus, get a free Tea Kettle and 20% off on orders of $975 or more!


The Apollo wearable was developed by neuroscientists and physicians and uses soothing, gentle vibrations to help your body feel its best. Unlike fitness trackers, Apollo doesn’t measure your health metrics but helps positively influence them. This translates to less stress, better sleep, more energy, relaxation, and focus. 

You just wear it around your wrist or ankle and the soothing vibrations help your body relax and reduce stress to help your body go into a state where you have more control over how you want to feel. Higher vibrations help improve our energy and focus, while lower vibrations reduce stress and help you relax.

When I’m feeling really busy or stressed, I love how the Apollo wearable helps calm me down!

Get the Deal: Until November 27th save up to $70 off sitewide at checkout.

Kombucha Kamp

kombucha kamp

This is my go-to place for everything kombucha and kefir! You can find continuous brew systems, scobies, kefir grains, brewing vessels, plus jun tea supplies. Then there are the teas, jar covers, pH meters, bottling supplies, and so much more.

Kombucha Kamp was started by my dear friend Hannah Crum, one of the world’s foremost kombucha experts. Not only do they offer absolutely everything you could need to brew your own kombucha, but they’ll teach you how to make it too. You can listen to my podcast episode with Hanah here.

Get the Deal: Right now until November 28 you can get 20% off of products with the code THNX20


You’ve probably heard me talk about the health benefits of sauna use before. They’re amazing for cardiovascular health, better skin, less anxiety, a better mood, and so much more. I use mine multiple times a week and it’s the place I go to for some quiet me time. I have several different saunas, but not everyone has the money or space for a full-size sauna.

The sauna blanket from HigherDose is an easy and portable way to get a sauna session in. I like them so much that I’ve even given them as gifts before. They also have infrared PEMF mats, red light face masks, and a full-spectrum infrared sauna. Plus they’re made without toxic materials and they’re low EMF.

Get the Deal: Until November 27th you can get 20% off sitewide (with the exception of subscriptions and full saunas) with code WM20


This brand has some of my favorite clean skincare products. They came about after their founder Andy was involved in a very serious accident and wanted skincare ingredients to help him heal. The result is amazing products that help detox, nourish, and build healthy skin!

I love their clay mask or really anything from their skincare line! You’ll find toners, scrubs, body oil, cleansers, lotion, serums, and so much more. Whenever I use their gold serum I feel like I just left the spa. Their products work well for men too and make a great gift.

Get the Deal: Right now you can get 30-70% off storewide. Get a discount with code wellness20 or wellnessmama

Bon Charge

Bon Charge has my favorite blue light glasses for after dark (some studies show these can help with hormones and better sleep). They have both prescription and non-prescription versions. You’ll also find red light therapy panels, infrared sauna blankets, infrared PEMF mats, and red lights for nighttime.

Our family uses these soft red lights after dark to help us all wind down and get better sleep. Plus they have EMF shielding products for those who work on the computer or phone a lot. They block 5G waves and have lab-tested protection.

Get the Deal: Right now you can get 25% off sitewide here

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Course

Have you ever thought about becoming a certified nutritionist or health coach? The Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN) certification course focuses on helping people recover and maintain the best health possible. They help you consider the underlying causes of conditions, including lifestyle, environment, and metabolism. FDN graduates learn how to read labs and coach clients in a way that goes beyond healthy eating alone.

The program is fully online and only takes about 6 months to complete. After taking the course you have the option to be board-certified with the American Association of Natural Wellness Practitioners or the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

Get the Deal: This year for their Black Friday sale they’re offering $1,250 off of their certification course! Learn more and get the discount here.

Radiant Life

Radiant Life

I can’t say enough about Radiant Life products! I’ve ordered from them for years and many of the items in my kitchen come from them. Everything from stainless steel plates (that won’t break when kids drop them, but are way healthier than plastic) to supplements and earthing mats.

I have their whole house water filter system and their under the sink 14 stage filter which makes having clean water effortless.

They have several different Black Friday sales going on until December 4th:

  • Code WM25: $25 off orders over $100 plus free shipping (valid on any product on their site)
  • Code WM200: $200 off any Whole House Water System or 14-Stage Purifier – up to $400 in savings on their most popular home water systems 
  • Code WM20: Save 20% on the Countertop Gravity Water System, Countertop Gravity XL Water System + Direct Connect/Direct Connect Plus

Get the Deal: Check out their products and use the promo codes here

Everlywell Tests

Ever wanted to get some lab testing done but didn’t want to wait at the doctor’s office? There are now labs like Everlywell that allow you to order your own tests and have them shipped to your door. I used them when I was tracking my health stats during my weight loss journey and they’re a nice tool to have.

They offer quite a few different tests including a women’s hormone panel, and tests for food sensitivities, thyroid, metabolism, Lyme disease, and more. It’s super convenient and an easy way to see where your body is at for optimal health. Right now they’re offering up to 35% off with their Black Friday sale.

Get the Deal: From November 23-28 you can get 30% off sitewide on orders under $199, and 35% off orders $199+ with code THANKFUL. Click here to shop the deal.


I love getting herbal teas, adaptogens, and superfoods into my diet, but they’re not always convenient. I really like Organifi drink mixes because they’re a clean way to get more of the healthy stuff in an easy to drink powder.

My favorite is the Organifi Gold, a relaxing turmeric drink that features magnesium, lemon balm, and adaptogens. It’s a great way to unwind at night and relieve inflammation!

From November 20-27th they’re having a sale, with special deals only on Black Friday.  

BLACK FRIDAY ONLY: 20% off + free shipping with NO THRESHOLD

  • FREE tote bag for first 1,000 customers
  • Spend $100, get 20% off and free shipping
  • Spend $150, get 20% off, free shipping and Digest, Turmeric Plus, and Focus

Get the Deal: Get the discounts here


This supplement brand has my favorite magnesium supplement, Magnesium Breakthrough. It features 7 different kinds of magnesium in a bioavailable pill for maximum absorption. The majority of us are magnesium deficient, but it really matters what kind of magnesium we get. Not all of them are in a form our body can easily use which is why I really like the one from BiOptimizers.

I’ve noticed that it helps reduce my stress levels and I feel so much more relaxed. It also has a beneficial impact on sleep to help you fall asleep faster and have deeper sleep. They also have clean supplements for better sleep, brain health, better digestion, and more.

Get the Deal: From November 20-28th get 25% off of any order plus special gifts with the code WELLNESSMAMA

Fontana Candle

I’m pleasantly surprised to have finally found a candle that not only smells amazing but is completely non-toxic. Fontana candles are made with just coconut oil, beeswax, and pure essential oils and have a long burn time. They’re a great way to make your home smell festive, no matter the occasion, without releasing carcinogens and toxins into the air!

They even have several different holiday scents like peppermint twist, fir needle and pine, and citrus peel and pine. They’re MADE SAFE® certified and free of any toxins known or suspected to harm human health, animals, or ecosystems. Plus they have wax melts, room sprays, and more.

Get the Deal: The sale starts at 8 pm EST on Thanksgiving. You can get 20% off sitewide here and free gifts with purchase (while supplies last). Orders up to $75 will receive a free lip balm, orders $76 – $125 will receive a free soap bar, and orders over $125 will receive a free lip balm and bar soap!


Do you have a child with sensory issues and/or one who is neurodivergent? Harkla weighted blankets, sensory swings, and other products are really great for kids with sensory difficulties, ADHD, autism, and the like. Even if your child doesn’t struggle with some of these issues, sensory swings activate the vestibular system and help keep them active. You can hang the swing in your child’s room or even the living room!

They also offer digital courses to help kids improve focus, mood, and behavior, as well as infant sensory development. Harkla even has a course to help children who have retained primitive reflexes (89% of elementary students!) that negatively affect coordination, motor skills, and social skills.

Get the Deal: Get 20% off of sensory products and 20% off of digital courses.

Truly Free Home

I used to make all of my own laundry products, but now there are some really good ones available so I don’t have to. I’ve been using  Truly Free’s Refillable Laundry Wash for years. Not only are they made with non-toxic ingredients that are great for my family’s skin, but it removes tough stains (grease, grass, spaghetti, juice).

They ship to your door so you don’t even have to take a trip out to the store. And I love that with the refills I’m not adding extra one use plastic bottles into the landfill. Right now for Black Friday, they’re giving away up to 300 loads of laundry wash (a deal that’s not available anywhere else!).

Get the Deal: Get your laundry kit and free laundry detergent here.


If you’re searching for clean, all-natural personal care products, check out my line! You’ll find toothpaste, oral care, hair care, deodorant, and more. I’ve spent over a decade perfecting the Wellnesse collection.

These products have only safe, natural ingredients and work better than their conventional alternatives. I know because my family has been using (and loving) them for years, and I’m beyond excited to share them with all of you. Bonus: they make the perfect stocking stuffer!

Get the Deal: Get 20% off of all regular orders and 25% off of all regular orders above $100


I often proclaim my love for Paleovalley beef sticks. They’re the go-to snack for our family when we’re out or traveling. These beef sticks are 100% grass-fed and as clean (and delicious) as it gets. They also have naturally occurring probiotics since they use fermentation. This makes them shelf-stable instead of using additives.

They have several different flavors to choose from. I also like their apple cider vinegar complex and they now have supergreens and superfood bars made with grass-fed bone broth protein.

Get the Deal: From November 24th– December 1st you can get up 35% off plus choose a free mystery gift valued over $25! Some of these mystery gifts are limited so it’s first come first served. Get it here.

Beekeeper’s Naturals

The Best 2018 Black Friday Sales & Deals on Natural Products

This company makes a full line of bee-based health products, and it’s not just honey! I use their bee propolis throat spray to ward off a sore or scratchy throat. I also mix a spoonful of their sleep-inducing B.Chill hemp honey into a cup of tea at night.

Beekeeper’s also has a cough syrup we love. It’s free of refined sugars, dyes, added flavors, gluten, soy, cheap fillers, or anything unnecessary. I also love their soothing lozenges and their Propolis+Vitamin C!

11/22-11/28: Save 30% off sitewide with code GIVEWELL

11/23, 11/24, 11/27 (Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday): Also get a free Beekeeper’s Naturals Black Beanie with orders over $65.

Get the Deal: Save 30% off with code GIVEWELL

My Green Mattress

Getting a natural mattress can be a significant investment and they don’t often go on sale. We ordered one from My Green Mattress when one of our littles moved up to a twin size bed and she loves it. We also have this mattress brand in our guest room and I’ve gotten positive feedback on it from guests.

 They’re also GOLS, GOTS, and GREENGUARD certified. Read my full review here. Right now at My Green Mattress, you can save $300 on a King, Save $225 on a Queen, Save $150 on a Twin & Full, plus save 15% on accessories.

Get the Deal from My Green Mattress: Save up to $300 along with 15% off accessories with the code HOLIDAYS here. *Kiwi Bunk Mattress is excluded.

Branch Basics

I never thought I’d say goodbye to my DIY cleaners, but several years ago I minimized my cleaning closet with Branch Basics concentrate. I can make cleaning sprays, laundry detergent, and even hand soap. They’re totally non-toxic and meet my high standards, but versatile and effective enough to use for any cleaning job.

This week they’re also launching their brand new hand soap!

Get the Deal: Get 20% off of their entire site (excluding gift cards). For subscriptions get 20% off your first order and 10% off all ongoing orders. The sale starts at 11:59 PM EST on 11/23 and ends at 11:59 PM EST on 11/27.

Air Doctor

Did you know indoor air can be hundreds of times more polluted than outdoor air? I’m so thankful I’ve found a solution that removes 99.97% of indoor allergens, neutralizes VOCs, pet dander, and much more. I have a few Air Doctor air filters in our house and have noticed a significant difference.

One filter is outside the kitchen area. If I’m doing some stovetop cooking and the kitchen begins to fill with scents, the air filter will automatically begin to filter at a higher speed. They’re offering amazing deals on their site today!

  • Buy AD1000 and receive $120 off
  • Buy AD2000 and receive $120 off
  • Buy AD3500 and receive $300 off
  • Buy AD5500 and receive $400 off

Get the Deal: Until December 1st save up to $400 on my favorite air filter here. Plus get free shipping on all orders.

Annmarie Gianni Skincare Set

As we enter the winter months, I’m sure your skin is beginning to remind you it needs a little more love than usual. Unfortunately, steamy showers, dry furnace heat, and windy days can wreak havoc on your skin this time of the year.

As a long-time customer of Annmarie Skin Care, I know their products are clean and MADE SAFE®-certified. They’re about as close to nature as you can get.

For Black Friday you can get their Clean Beauty Trial + Lip Balm for just $19.99 plus free shipping to the U.S. and Canada.

Get the DealShop the set here.


Kion Bar

Kion Natural Supplements are my go-to after a tough workout or to keep my immune system in check. I use their Berry Aminos as well as Kion Flex for joint health and better recovery.

They also have an amazing real-food bar (my kids love it!) that makes a delicious snack. My kids love the Kion Bar for the taste, and I love that it’s all-natural, made from real food ingredients, and provides stable, long-lasting energy

Until November 27th you can get up to 60% off of their products.

Get the DealGet up to 60% off here.

Magnesium Lotion Shop

I’ve talked a lot about magnesium over the years and how most of us are deficient. One way to add magnesium to your daily routine is by using topical magnesium. Enter my favorite magnesium lotion. They have lotion tubes in both lavender and unscented versions and I use them both on myself and my kids.

It’s creamy and easily absorbs into my skin without any itching or tingling like some brands. I also like that it has a high concentration of magnesium without the parabens and other toxins you’ll often find in lotion.

Get the Deal: From November 24-27th buy any 2 lotions and get free shipping. Subscriptions save an extra 20%. They make a great stocking stuffer, too!

Joovv Red Light

Joovv Mini

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen me snap a picture in front of my Joovv red light panel in my bedroom. I have both their Joovv Go to take with me when I travel and their Solo for a full body session.

Red light therapy is great for skin repair, muscle recovery, wound healing, building collagen, improving hair growth, and more. I’ve noticed firmer skin and my scars faded since using red light. It even helped with my thyroid! Joov has their biggest sale of the year this weekend.

  • Joovv Go $100 off
  • Mini $200 off
  • Solo $250 off
  • Half Max $300 off
  • Duo $500 off
  • Max $600 off
  • Quad $900 off
  • Elite $1300 off

Get the Deal: Until November 27th get the deals here.



More people are becoming aware of the benefits of nootropics (supplements specifically for brain health). Not all the contenders on the market though deliver results. This is why I was excited to find the Neurohacker Collective, which is based on the latest scientific research and developed by a team of researchers and scientists.

They offer several options for improving your focus, vision, eyes, and so much more! These supplements blend together specific vitamins, herbs, adaptogens, amino acids, and antioxidants in a synergistic way to have a big impact on brain health.

Get the Deal: Get up to 80% off select products and use the code wellnessmama for another 15% off!

Sunlighten Sauna

I always feel better when I get a few sauna sessions each week. Studies show it can help with a variety of issues, from heart health to pain relief, and boosted immunity. There are several types of saunas, but Sunlighten uses infrared light in theirs.

Their portable one-person sauna (The Solo) is much less expensive than wooden models. And it’s easier to store. If I feel myself getting sick I immediately spend an hour in there to induce fever.

Get the Deal: From November 13th-25th get a discount on their saunas plus free shipping on their Signature and Amplify models.

Xtrema Cookware

One of my favorite non-toxic, non-stick cookware brands is having a sale! Their products are third-party tested and they share their test results. Xtrema is also easy to clean, dishwasher and oven-safe, and won’t scratch or flake. It’s also safe to use on high heat, cooks well on low heat, and can go in the fridge or freezer. You can read my full review here.

On Black Friday you can get 25% off of everything on their site plus free shipping on orders over $95. And you’ll get an extra 15% off of orders over $275.

Get the Deal: On November 24th only you can shop the sale here. Use code WELLNESS for an extra 15% off of the other discounts!

Nutrition Genome

Part of my personal weight loss journey was taking a deep dive into my genes. I used Nutrition Genome for genetic testing and I’ve also recommended them for family and friends. They provide a 90+ page report about nutrition and supplements that I used as a starting point. This helped me decode the best diet for my own health.

Your DNA sample is extracted and genotyped at their secure CLIA and CAP certified lab. Each sample then undergoes three stages of quality assurance to give you the most accurate results possible. They’ve been a really useful tool in my health journey!

Get the Deal: From November 24th-28th use code BLACKFRIDAY20 to receive 20% off here.


These days EMFs are everywhere. They’re in our homes, schools, stores, etc. Somavedic helps mitigate these unwanted influences of EMF radiation for better health.

We have a couple of these in our home. The semi-precious stones and metals inside the beautiful glass sphere help mitigate any EMFs. There are a few different sizes and options as well as a travel size version.

It’s an ideal choice for any room that needs to harmonize its space – we have ours in the space between our kitchen and family room.

Somavedic is increasing their prices on Dec 1st, so the Black Friday sale is the last chance to purchase at current pricing with the discount.

Get the Deal: Through November 29th save 20% at this link with the code WellnessMama20. Plus get free shipping on orders of $500 or more.

Need More Black Friday Shopping?

Many of the items on my natural gift-giving guide are on sale. You never know what you might find at a great price this weekend… enjoy!


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